Selected Highlights of Covenants

To view the complete covenants, see the PDF file here.

Approval of Plans and Specifications (Paragraph 6)

No improvements, including, but not limited to:

  1. residential dwellings
  2. fencing
  3. carports
  4. garages
  5. driveways
  6. signs
  7. mail boxes
  8. lighting facilities
  9. sidewalks
  10. landscaping

shall be constructed or altered on any lot until the architectural design and plans and specifications therefore, including but not limited to the:

  1. color
  2. size
  3. location
  4. construction materials and design

have been submitted to and approved by the Board. No trees or other vegetation shall be removed or altered in any manner, nor shall dirt be moved or removed, nor shall the topography in any manner be altered with respect to any portion of the property without the prior written approval of the Board. Upon the completion of construction of any such improvements, the exterior appearance of same may not be altered, whether by change in:

  1. color
  2. size
  3. or otherwise

until any such alteration has been approved by the Board. Any request for approval pursuant to this paragraph shall be submitted to a representative designated by the Board. Such requests shall be in writing and shall include plans and specifications and such other information as the Board might require, together with the name and address of the maker of the request and the legal description of the land affected by the request. The Board shall, within thirty (30) days thereafter, meet to consider the request and give its response thereto. Any such request not approved or disapproved in writing by the Board, within thirty (30) days after the submission of same to the Board, shall be deemed approved. A request shall be deemed to have been made upon same being delivered in writing to the Board's designated representative together with the information required under this paragraph.

Any approval or disapproval by the Board shall be deemed to have been delivered to the requesting party upon same having been either delivered in person to the requesting party or deposited in the United States mail addressed to the requesting party at the address given in the request.

Construction Quality Standards (Paragraph 8)

Any residential dwelling constructed upon any lot shall be subject to certain minimum construction quality standards, which shall include the following:

  1. All windows shall be of wood construction and no metal cased windows shall be allowed. (Update: The Board has approved the use of wood grain vinyl for window frame replacement.)
  2. All driveways must be of concrete construction.
  3. The color of the roof must be Weathered Wood Blend. Should said color and brand no longer be available, the roof color and brand shall be the closest equivalent available and approved by the Board. (Update: The board has approved use of three tabbed shingles made by Timberline and Landmark)
  4. The residential dwelling shall include nine (9) foot ceilings on the first floor.
  5. Each residential dwelling shall include decorative front light fixtures
  6. Any metal chimneys must be encased in one of the materials listed in paragraph 7 (h). Said encasement shall extend to the ground level for all chimneys located on the front of the dwelling.
  7. No solar collecting systems or television dish may be installed on the roof or on the lot unless has been approved in writing by Board. (Update: Based on a FCC ruling, small satellite dishes are allowed, but should be placed in such a way to minimize visibility from the street.)
  8. The siding on the residential dwelling shall be o.s. Cordova, Jenkins brick, strip Masonite, or "dry-vit". No sheet 4 x 9 siding shall be allowed. If the sidings listed in this paragraph are no longer available, then the closest equivalent thereto may be used, subject to approval by the Board. Masonite may only be used in gables or no more than 10% in other veneer.
  9. No built-up roofs shall be allowed.
  10. No exposed block shall be allowed around the foundation or any place on the exterior of any residential dwelling.
  11. Any residential dwelling which includes only one level must includes minimum of 1,350 square feet (gross footage, inclusive of porches,and garages). Any residential dwelling which includes one and one-half levels must include a minimum of 1,500 square feet (gross footage, inclusive of porches and garages). Any residential dwelling which includes two levels 1,650 square feet (gross footage, inclusive of porches and garages.)
Home and Yard Maintenance Standards (Paragraph 9)

All improvements on each lot and the yards and grounds on each lot must be kept and maintained in good, neat, clean and orderly condition by the owners and occupants thereof. The obligations set forth herein shall include, but not limited to, the proper seeding, watering and mowing of all lawns, pruning and cutting of all trees and shrubbery, and painting and other appropriate external care of all structures, all in a manner and with such frequency as is consistent with good property management. The Board shall have the right to establish and amend from time to time certain standards to govern the conditions and maintenance of improvements and lots as required pursuant to this paragraph.

Antennaes or Utilities (Paragraph 21)

No antennae, satellite dish, burglar alarm, speakers, security lights, or the like be mounted on the front of the home or on the exterior in such a way as to be visible from the street.