Paint Colors

There are four approved colors for trim:

Requests to change current outside trim color to another approved color must be submitted to the board.

Ralph Cowart (541-1032) is a painter who paints in our subdivision regularly, does excellent work at a reasonable rate, and is familiar with the color formulas.

Should you desire to do it yourself or use another painter, the following formulas for ICI Dulux and American Tradition paint are approved.

ICI (Dulux Paint)*

*These formulas were confirmed at the ICI 5th Avenue Store on 2/5/07.

American Tradition Paint (Available at Lowe's)

White: Ask for American Tradition White

Rock Garden (Gray)

Indian Ivory (Yellow)

Taos (Tan)

For the Taos formula, if you are doing your own painting it is recommended that you ask to borrow a paint swatch from the Board secretary and take it to the paint store to insure that the correct color is mixed.