Policies for Residents of Rental Properties

Garbage Pick-up: Monday and Thursday. Please put out garbage no earlier than 5pm of the evening before. NOTE: Garbage is not picked up on city holidays which are observed on Mondays or Thursdays. Please do not put out garbage on one of these holidays.

Brush Pick-up: 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. Call 311 to confirm or to report missed pick-up. The City of Birmingham identifies our area as part of the Glen Iris Neighborhood.

Recycling: Wednesday. Please put out recycle container no earlier than 5pm of the evening before.

Signs: May not be displayed in yards, with the exception of "For Rent" or "For Sale" signs.

Pets: Owners are required to have pets on leashes when outside of houses and to clean up pet wastes.

Yards and Grounds: Must be kept and maintained in good, neat, clean and orderly condition by homeowners and occupants.

Parking: Automobiles parked on the street are not to block driveways or mailboxes.

Recreational Vehicles: Boats, pick-up campers, mini motor homes, buses, commercial vehicles, motor homes or trailers of any kind must be parked or stored in an enclosed garage and may not be parked on the street or in any open parking area. No unused or inoperable vehicles shall be permitted on any lot.

Garage doors: For safety and aesthetic reasons, doors are to remain closed except when exiting and entering.

To view or print a PDF copy of these policies, click here.